Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Almost Spring

I know it is a shock to some of you that Spring is almost here. I have evidence. The Ornamental Bradford Pear tree in our front yard has begun to bud out. Our only surviving apple tree has begun as well. See Spring is on it's way. The ground hog was right, six more weeks until spring. Enjoy the wait.


  1. The weeds are starting to grow in my garden spot. Don is going to come and plow it for me when it quits raining. It has rained for 2 weeks. That is great for this dry country. Grandma Gatha.

  2. It's cold as @#$# here in Colorado. I have a hard time picturing what spring will look like. I am really anxious to begin walking outside again.

  3. Well maybe not. We got snow and sleet and rain yesterday. Even the schools have a delayed start today. It was fun to see such huge snowflakes.


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