Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trying out the Cameras

I was beginning to think that the new camera was broken. I could not get a good facial portrait of Eric.

With a bit of covert sneaking I thought that I could get that evasive shot. But, alas, the hand is quicker than the shutter.

I did have to resort to use of physical restraint. The focus is not the best, but with both hands busy trying to restrain the arms and hands of a teenager and then trying to get the shutter to go before the hands can again get into place, this is pretty good.

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  1. Ha! Sometimes little ones should just give in so that we can get a good picture of the pretty/handsome little faces, otherwise they will look back and think that they never had a good picture taken of them!

    I love that Ashleigh loves to pose. Matthew and Luke eventually give in, but Matthew puts up this silly fight!


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