Saturday, January 17, 2009


I participated in a self imposed competition today. I think I failed.

At Christmas time we stayed several days with our son Craig, his wife Brina, and their two boys. We got to stay in their brand new home. It is fabulous by the way. I love the colors they have painted the rooms.

One night Brina made Lasagne for dinner. Craig helped. Dad (Larry) said I (Jeanette) make the best lasagne he has ever eaten. Isn't he sweet. Craig begged to differ.

After dinner Craig inquired if Brina had the better dish. Larry concurred. I had been misplaced. It was a sad day. (not really) I haven't made lasagne is years because Larry has given up pasta and noodles.

So now to the competition. Today I made lasagne. I was going to make some great stuff and win my throne back! Craig said Brina's secret ingredient was sausage in the meat sauce. So I added sausage. I know that Brina is good at flavorings/spices. I decided to change my recipe to include more spices. I added extra flavors to the tomato sauce and the Ricotta cheese mixture. I also used the oven ready noodles. (Great stuff and so much easier) Though you do have to have to cook the lasagne for a very long time using them.

Like I said I failed. I didn't even like today's lasagne. Eric picked through the cheese mixture and took off the top crusty cheese (my favorite part) I bet it will be better tomorrow or even Monday.

But no more competition for me. ( Ihope) I do some things just fine and I should leave them that way.


  1. I like your lasagna. I liked it better the old way. I liked the sausage, but the spices were too much. I love you Jeanette.

  2. Sometimes, the daughter-in-law just has a new spice on things and it's okay to give in! :D I've never had your lasagna, but I bet it's good! :D Love you guys!


  3. I have never made lasagna, but I like it. I doubt if I will ever make it but it does sound good. I am now on a diabetic diet so those things are in the past. Love to all of you.


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