Saturday, January 24, 2009

A moment of weakness


  1. You can send a box my way. My family likes the thin mints and the samonian (SP?)kind.
    Why are you up at 7am on a Saturday--crazy! And it's not even Christmas, unbelievable.

  2. Today Eric went to participate in a youth conference in Killeen. In order for him to arrive in time to leave from the designated departure point we rose before 7 AM to accomplish the delivery.

    Afterwards we retired to take a nap.

    Every day we rise at 4:45 AM. Jeanette teaches seminary. To prepare for the day she rises early. I most often rise early also.

    Sleeping to 7 AM is a treat we do not often get, even on Saturday.

  3. I love Girl Scout Cookies, but for the last couple of years, we have not bought any. My sugar is not at a good level so it's something I shouldn't do.

    Sunday mornings are early for me too. I have to be to my first meeting at 6AM. I usually get home from Church at about 4PM. It's my longest day of the week, but it's also my most rewarding. I think I'll keep going.

  4. I did a comment for this post, but it didn't publish. I said cookies are good, but I no longer enjoy them. I have diabetes and I am off sugar. I swim 1 hour, six days a week. I'm trying to get my blood where it should be.


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