Tuesday, January 6, 2009

75 to 30

Just last week it was almost 80 degrees outside.

We digged and we shoveled and moved that pile of sand and gravel from the driveway to the berm around the pecan tree.

And then the rains came....

.. and froze ...

This looked much more impressive in real size.

So inside we went.

And there our time we spent.


  1. The weather can surly be tricky. We have had the coldest winter, so far than any since I have lived here. It is freezing every night. It has been cold through the days too.

  2. It's frozen over here. It was near zero last night. It feels good and warm inside.

  3. You definately must live on another side of the world!

  4. The weather has been nice the past couple weeks. It gets chilly, but not that cold that gets into your bones like at CCG&O.


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