Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Luke does not say much yet, but he does vocalize. He is like a little tractor that crawls around and over things.

I love Luke. He was my buddy while we were at Craig's house. He likes to be held. We did several rounds around the ground floor of the house.

Luke liked Debra too.

Here is Luke with his proud daddy and his brother.

Brad was always helpful in letting Luke know which toys were Brad's and which were Luke's, unless Brad wanted to play with Luke's toy.

I am not sure what Luke wanted for Christmas other than sitting with Grandpa.

And with the cousins.

Grandpa and Grandma Vance bought Luke a shirt.

Luke does like his mother.

And Luke likes to sit with Grandpa. Grandpa bounced Luke on his knee until he decided to go for a little nap.


  1. Luke looks like he is a lot of fun!! I'm sure that he really loved his Santa Grandpa! :D

  2. Luke looks like his Mommy. It's really nice to see pictures of them.

  3. I miss you Luke. Come see me.


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