Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We all went to the Christmas Party that the Cheshire family sponsored. Santa came. Brad was happy to see Santa.

Give it to me Grandpa.

What a good looking young man.

Brad likes his daddy.

Brad likes anything and all things Cars. He follows in his father's footsteps with his interest in cars. He was happy to get his bicycle with Lightning McQueen on the front.

Brad gets a lesson from Santa?

Brad wanted to go outside. First he had to be wrapped up. His mommy made sure that he could not bend his arms too much before she would let him go out into the weather.

The snow is not as deep as it may look at first glimpse.

I was enjoying watching Brad high-stepping and then kneeling in the snow on alternate steps. He was having a blast.

Eric helped Brad get a ride on the sled.

The family of snowmen.

Poppa had as much fun as Brad.

Afterwards Brina helped Brad warm up by giving him a nice warm bath. She also fed us.


  1. Brad sure is a cuttie! I bet that he had some cute things to say! :D

  2. Brad looks just like his daddy did at that age. He's really growing!!

  3. Brad will be 3 next month. Time flies.


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