Saturday, November 22, 2008


November is a busy month. December is even busier.

Eric is working on his last merit badge for his Eagle Scout Rank. He is doing well in school and is participating in the choir, both at school and church.

Debra is busy with work at Michaels. She seems to like it. Debra participates in the young single adults program and attends institute. Debra will be going back to school in January. The stake is putting on The Messiah. Debra and Eric are going to sing in the program.

Jeanette is still teaching seminary. She shuttles Eric around to all his activities and school. Debra helps a little right now with the shuttling to scouts when she goes to institute.

We have been spending money lately. We are doing our part of the consumer consumption. We bought a color laser printer, that is now broken (Samsung). We thought it was a bargain, but we may be mistaken. We bought another half beef. We went yesterday and bought some dining room chairs. 6 of the 7 chairs are unfinished and we will be oiling them today. Jeanette and also purchased some blinds for two of the windows in the house and hung them. We also bought airline tickets to travel to go to Utah, to deliver Debra for school, and to spend Christmas. The Cheshire family is having a Christmas party and we plan to attend. Next week is our 6th annual pie night. L-3 (where I work) is having their annual company dinner on the 5th of December. That is the same night as the High Priest Group party. I am also having our Toastmasters club over for a Christmas party on the 12th. The Spanish Branch asked me to be their Santa.

There are a several projects that I should finish in the next month. I am busy.


  1. It sounds like you are really busy. Have a happy turkey day!

  2. It sounds like you are all having a busy and enjoyable time. I'm looking forward to seeing you.
    Your pie party sounds like fun. Nice to get new things for your home. Be happy.

  3. It is hard being one of Santa's Elves!

  4. I think this year is going to be hard on a lot of Santa's elves.

    Retail stores sure don't look like they usually do.

    One of the things I remember as a child was finding ways to give that didn't include spending money. I loved helping with making cookies.


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