Monday, November 24, 2008

New Chairs

I told Jeanette that I wanted to buy some chairs. She immediately retorted that we were not going to buy those ugly white folding chairs that Sam's has. She said that it would be a good time to get some dining chairs. I agreed. We looked a little for some chairs. We ended up buying some chairs at an unfinished furniture store. I told Jeanette that I wanted 8 chairs, she said 6.

We made our way to the showroom where we looked at all the chairs that were on the floor. We settled on getting 6 side chairs and 1 armchair. I guess we compromised on 7.

The arm chair is oak, and the side chairs are birch. We had some dark walnut danish oil that we used on the side chairs. The arm chair was used. Jeanette put some lemon oil on it.

Now we can sit 7 more people when they visit Wednesday for pie night.


  1. That is nice to get new chairs. I like the armchair too. The blinds are nice too.


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