Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pie Night

We did it. We had our pie night. Some came we did not expect and some that we expected did not show up. It was a nice mix of people that were here to socialize and eat desserts. We have too much left over.

Tonya did get her reserved seat. She was seated in the new arm chair.

The marble machine was once again a big hit. We did not have games prepared this time other than "guess how many candykorns". Kye won the container of 151 candykorns with his guess of 150.


  1. Pie Night is always a good time. I just looked at the list of people who came and realized that while my children signed it, Brandy and I did not. Oops.

    Each year my only regret is that I do not engage in conversations with some of the guests I do not know. Next year I will mingle even more.

    Thanks for a great time. It is a wonderful tradition that my family looks forward to each year.

  2. I am glad your pie night was a success. We really enjoyed it the year we came to your house for thanksgiving.

    Our pie day is today. We're having turkey, yams, and cranberries too. I'll try to get some good pictures to add to our site.

    We love you. Have a good Thanksgiving Day!

  3. Yeah!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving GUYS!

  4. Thanks for the royal treatment. I must say that it is a MIGHTY fine chair. very comfortable. The desserts were spectacular. Thanks again. We had a great time.


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