Saturday, September 27, 2008


I have succumbed to ordering yet another computer. It seems that there is competition for the two computers we have functioning. A few weeks ago Jeanette and I cleaned out the old computer gear that was around the house. A box of computer cables and some old disk drives and the laptop. The battery in the laptop did not work but for a few minutes. When you would use the laptop on your lap the heat was just too much to handle. I sent it with the other stuff to Goodwill.

I want another laptop. I decided I would try a Dell with Ubuntu preloaded. It is amazing how fast computers have come to be a commodity item. It seems that every household has a computer. I will have to wait for a week or so for it to arrive.

One of the criteria I had when we moved into this house was that we had access to broadband internet. My desktop computer has more disk storage than the entire building where I worked in Littleton 10 years ago. My desktop computer has more computing power than some of the old supercomputers that were purchased for tens of millions of dollars.

Computers are a wonderful tool, but a terrible job.


  1. I have two computers, my desktop and a laptop. My printer with my laptop had to be replaced and the new printer didn't work with my laptop. I bought a desktop and I like it very well, but I had to have help to get the printer to work with it. The new one is much faster and easier to use. I hope you like your new computer. It seems that a computer makes a lot of difference in the way you do things. Thanks for the blog, which is a great blessing to me.

  2. I have the new computer, and I am a bit disappointed. I had difficulty getting the wireless networking to work. Dell had installed a second program to handle the wireless that shows up on the taskbar. The wireless networking is started after a person logs in. This interferes with using networked home pages. I am confident that I can change the configuration by uninstalling the right application and going back to the normal networking setup used by Ubuntu.

    Why do they always have to try and fix things that are not broken and end up breaking them?


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