Sunday, September 28, 2008

Things I have done

These may be in some random order and varying significance.

  1. Caught a fish with my bare hands
  2. Caught a fish with a fly
  3. Caught a fish with a worm
  4. Caught a fish with a spinner
  5. Held a snake
  6. Shot a rabbit
  7. Ate a rabbit
  8. Bought a dead cow
  9. Earned Life rank in BSA
  10. Rode a bicycle 50 miles in a day
  11. Drove 150 MPH
  12. Broke my foot with a sledge hammer fixing a tire
  13. Rode a motorcycle with a cast
  14. Wore out a motor scooter
  15. Wrecked 6 cars
  16. Broke a main journal on an engine by putting it on backwards
  17. Outran a policeman
  18. Quit smoking
  19. Quit drinking
  20. Got married
  21. Went to Argentina for LDS mission
  22. Served as jury foreman
  23. Earned a Bachelor Degree
  24. Earned a Master Degree
  25. Taught Primary
  26. Taught Nursery
  27. Taught Blazers
  28. Taught Sunday School
  29. Taught Elders
  30. Taught Seminary (sub)
  31. I was a District Leader on my mission
  32. I was a counselor in an Elders Quorum
  33. I was an Elders Quorum President
  34. I was a Branch President
  35. I was a Membership Ward Clerk
  36. I was a Financial Ward Clerk
  37. I was a Family History Center Director
  38. I have been to the Temple
  39. I married in the Salt Lake City Temple
  40. I crossed the equator
  41. I saw a catfish 10 feet long that was yellow with black spots
  42. I saw a rhinoceros beetle that must have weighed a couple pounds
  43. I ate meal worm
  44. I ate cockroach (unintentionally)
  45. I have eaten most parts of a cow
  46. I have welded
  47. I have painted cars
  48. I have painted houses
  49. I have painted paintings
  50. I made a table
  51. I made a china cabinet
  52. I made a coat-rack
  53. I made a couch
  54. I built small chairs
  55. I built a stool
  56. I built benches
  57. I resided in 4 states
  58. I lived in 2 countries
  59. I overhauled an engine with my wife and children
  60. Been to the ocean
  61. Gone to Disneyland
  62. Seen the Grand Canyoon
  63. Seen the Garden of the Gods
  64. Seen the Cave of the Winds
  65. Seen the Royal Gorge
  66. Been on a steam driven train
  67. Been on light rail
  68. Rode a Greyhound bus from Denver to SLC
  69. Been on an airplane
  70. Written a poem
  71. Read a poem I wrote to a group of people
  72. Written a speech
  73. Competed in a speech contest
  74. Made people laugh
  75. Made people cry
  76. Cried
  77. Lied
  78. Worked in a furniture factory
  79. Worked as an electrician
  80. Worked on a golf course
  81. Worked as a mechanic on a golf course
  82. Worked as a mechanic in a furniture factory
  83. Written a book (my thesis)
  84. Read the Bible cover to cover
  85. Read the Book of Mormon
  86. Read the Doctrine and Covenants
  87. Read the Pearl of Great Price
  88. Read the Articles of Faith
  89. Read Jesus the Christ
  90. Read The Messiah series
  91. Read The Life of Jesus Christ
  92. Attended a class at UCLA in composites
  93. Attended a class at Baylor in composites
  94. Fathered 7 children
  95. Ran a 6 minute mile
  96. Bowled more than 200
  97. Bench pressed 395 pounds
  98. Ran 14 miles nonstop
  99. Shot a rifle
  100. Made a list of 100 things I have done


  1. and the list could go on! It is a great accomplishment to be able to say 'I have done ....' and a greater accomplishment to see where you have grown because of the things you have done.. the blessings you have received. Good Job!

  2. I really like the last thing on this list. Let me guess, you did that today.

  3. I could not stand having been so long since I posted that I had to come up with a post. I know it is a bit cheesy, but yes, I did it today.


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