Friday, September 12, 2008

Scarred life

  1. Born 1954 -- Libra
  2. Hip was scared by scalding water soaking my diaper. The scar has softened in the past 53 years, but it is still quite noticeable.
  3. A weed stub went through my left foot and poked out the top (I was less than 4)
  4. I was hit in the head with a steel can when Bonnie and I were playing by throwing cans over the roof of the shed at each other.
  5. I fell off a barbed wire fence and tore my abdominal skin (~5) and the scar is about 4 inches long
  6. I cut myself with a pocket knife when I was cutting a piece of hose (about 10) I could see the inner workings of my left hand. I have a scar that is 2 inches long in my left palm by my thumb. (about 11)
  7. I was burned on the left arm by a plastic drip from a hot patch job (about 11)

  8. I broke my front teeth when I crashed my bicycle into the foundation of the new church in Manassa when the board slipped off the edge. (~9)
  9. I was kicked in the head by a horse when I was 10
  10. I have a scar at the top of my left sock that was caused by a misguided hatchet swing. We were at the Mogote campground when this happened. My mother took me to Antonito for some stitches. The scar is 5 inches long. It was neat to see the fat cells, the muscle, and the skin layers.
  11. I helped clean trash at the church and when emptying the pickup at the dump I ran a pitchfork tine through my foot. There is a small round scar on my right foot big toe. The tine went in on the top left and exited on the bottom right.
  12. I have numerous scars on my knuckles from doing mechanic work as a youth. I learned over time how to push using my palm instead of wrapping my fingers around a wrench. (there may have been a couple scars initiated by fighting)
  13. The scar on my nose between my eyes is from my football helmet in High School. When I would hit someone with my helmet I would have a bloody spot on the bridge of my nose.
  14. My left hand has a ring of scars around my thumb and pointer finger where I used to use a hammer to hit a chisel. I would miss occasionally and hit my left hand.
  15. I have a circular segment scar on my right hand middle and ring fingers. I don't remember the details of how it happened, but I believe it was a burn from a hot pipe.

  16. I have a scar under my right eye that is at the edge of my eye socket along the bony ridge where I dropped a driveshaft from a truck when I was trying to remove it. It hit right on the bone and left a quarter moon scar about 2 inches long.
  17. When I was in High School I was in an automobile accident. I broke all the ribs on the right side and had a cut under my chin. I was unconscious for a bit and when I woke there was a young woman tearing her blouse to make a compress to hold on my wound. I have a scar under my chin where the cut was. It is covered by beard now.
  18. I have a small round hole on my left foot between the bones that hold the little toe and the little piggy that had none. The scar was left by a 22 pistol that fell on my foot and discharged.

  19. I cut the back of my hand when I was working in college and could see all the tendons and bones. The scar is about 3/4" long.
  20. One thing I had that did not leave a scar was housemaids knee. My left knee had swollen to the size of a grapefruit because if filled with liquid. The doctor drained it a couple times. It was caused by kneeling on a hard floor.
  21. I am not sure if I have a scar, but one day when I worked at the furniture factory in Provo I was moving between two carts of wood and acquired a 4" long sliver in my gluteus-maximus. I went home to have Jeanette extract it for me. It hurt to have it extracted.
  22. The grand-daddy of them all is my scar on my right shin. I went water skiing with people from work and had the skin scraped from my shin by the alternator on the boat. I had to have a skin graft. The scar where the skin for the graft was taken is a big rectangle 3" by 5" on my forward right thigh. When I bump the scar on my shin I can't really feel it unless the blood drips on the tissue below.


  1. Larry, I didn't know you were so accident prone. Did you ever learn to be more careful?

    If Donnie sat down and recounted his follies, he could compete with you.

    I wasn't active enough to get so bumped and tattered.

    I, for one, am happy that you have survived your mishaps.

  2. I am so excited to do this post! I had most of my nose ripped off my face! COOL YES?

  3. You have a not so attractive foot! You shot yourself in the foot... I'm glad that you fixed my car back in 2006 for the family reuion, and I'm glad you didn't get hurt doing!

  4. I like my feet. They are very good feet. They have held me up all these years and are still working very well.



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