Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Major Award (almost)

I had a conflict today between going to the company picnic or participating in the Toastmasters Areas 41, 42, and 43 evaluation and speech contest.

I bought tickets to the picnic.

After I bought the tickets I discovered that it would be difficult to participate in both. Jeanette and Eric went to the picnic and I went to the speech and evaluation contest.

Jeanette and Eric came to support me when I gave my speech. They got there just in time.

I am here at home now blogging about my experience and Jeanette took Eric and went back to the Heart of Texas Fairgrounds where they continued their participation in the picnic activities.

I gave two speeches today. One was to support Area 41 for their evaluation contest. I related a talk about cliff jumping. Maybe I will put that up some time.

I enjoyed listening to the other speeches.

I arrived at Baylor University at 8AM to sign in and be briefed. At 9:30 the first speaker was up. That was me.

I had the opportunity to listen to the Area 41 speeches and then all the stuff for the Area 42 speeches and evaluation. They finished a little earlier than they had planned. Lunch commenced at 11:30 instead of noon like it was stated. Pizza!

I drew the third slot to speak in Area 43. One of the other speakers was from my club. We had 3 that competed and only two could come to the competition.

My first speech went fairly well. I did not feel any pressure and just delivered the speech without consideration for what was coming.

I was nervous for the second speech because I knew it was in a competition. Jeanette said that mine was best. More people laughed at me than at the other guy that won. (I am glad that he won so I don't need to go to the next level of the competition.)

I also received a lapel pin for my delivery of the test speech.


  1. What made you decide to get involved with Tostmasters?

  2. I'm not surprised that you won as a "humorous" speaker. That's great. I do disagree with the "Fall 2008" on your plaque. I've been outside and it's very much summer.

  3. Brandy,

    In this setting Fall does not mean autumn, but rather a plummet down to the next available durable surface between your body of mass and the center of gravitation.


    I started Toastmasters on a whim. Several years ago I was aware of Toastmasters because of a club that was functioning in Greenville Texas. I had an inclination to join, but left for employment in other places.

    I heard that Toastmasters was to be getting a foothold in our facility and went to hear at a promotional meeting what was to happen. I consented and was elected to Sergeant of Arms. I am now the Secretary. I have earned my Competent Communicator and I have one more thing to do to get my Competent Leader recognition. I have now performed 6 speeches from the advanced series. Sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it.

  4. I think it's admirable to do what you have done with Toastmasters. I am looking forward to your sharing the speaches that you used in the competition.

  5. I already posted the makings of this speech (the one for which I was awarded the trophy) in the proposed new alphabet post.

    The other speech I will post some time. Most of the other speeches I have given were written on the BLOG as posts.


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