Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm a winner and a bull rider.

Today was the busiest Saturday we have had in a very long time. You can read about what Larry did in a previous post. Debra had to work at noon so she didn't get to do anything besides work. Eric and I began our day by helping with Nathaniel's eagle project. We did some cleaning, and hauling water, and painting a fence purple. I have purple paint on my shirt to prove it.

Then we drove a few blocks to the Fairgrounds for Larry's company picnic. It was just like always. There were carnival games, treats, and lunch. Eric and I began at one end of the building and began to play the games. We tried every game on that side. This is where the "I'm a winner" part begins.

After several booths of "thanks for trying mini prizes" I tried again to win. It was the throw the plastic ball that will barely fit in the hole type of game. The hole was in a milk can, you know the type from a real dairy or farm like my grandpa Burgess'? A previous man had almost won but the ball bounced right back out. The operators, students from West High School, informed him that there was a false bottom about half way up the can. I kept that in mind when I threw the ball. It went right in. The girls were very surprised. I was the first person to win at this game this day. Hooray for me! I got a stuffed toy Manta Ray. I think I'll use it to impress my grandchildren. You can look at the photo to see the rest of my haul.

Larry mentioned previously that he gave a speech in the Humorous Speech Contest. That is where Eric and I went next. We drove to Baylor Univeristy to listen to him. It was a great speech. It was funny even today after listening to it for several weeks as he practiced at home.
Then Eric and I said our goodbyes to Larry and went back to the company picnic. It would have been fun to have Larry there considering what happend this time in our game adventures.

We tried our luck at the games like in the morning. Not as much luck for me this time. After continual failure we decided to try bull riding. It was quite a wait. All the time I wasn't sure if I would really do it or not. I have never tried it in the past years. Eric the gentleman let me go first.

So I went. Yes, I rode a bull. Okay it was a mechanical bull. It took me three tries to get on. And I couldn't get on without help. The bull operator had to lend a knee for me to use as a step stool. I told him to take it easy for me.

After years of watching others get on and fall off quickly I was determined to try really hard to stay on. Sit up close to the handle. Hug the side with your legs and hold on really well to the handle. So that is just what I did. I stayed on a long time. Long is relative. It seemed long to me but not the bad kind of long. I did finally fall off but it was not a tumbling fall. I more likely slip off. I said the operator was being kind. It was fun. I am glad I finally tried the mechanical bull. So there you have it. I am a winner and a bull rider


  1. congradulations! What a gal! and what a haul! I'll have to look up to you for trying and becoming! love ya.

  2. I'm glad you won so much. I bet Eric was proud. I can't believe you did the bull. Are you crazy? Who knew you were such a free spirit? Go, Jeanette!

  3. I wish I could have been there to see you ride the bull. Congratulations on your win. I asked Betty if she would ride a mechanical bull, and she gave me an emphatic no.

  4. From the description Jeanette gave me about the event I wish I had been there to see her get on the bull.

    I also would like to have seen the end of the ride.

    I rode the bull 2 years ago. It was tough. I was sore afterward. I asked to the operator to stop before I was thrown.

  5. What a pathetic picture. I am tired as you can see. What a ride.

  6. I thought you were a brave one. I don't think that I would have ever tried the bull ride. I think that was great. It sounds like both of you had a great time.

  7. Actually the picture does not show how tired you really were.


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