Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hide It, She Will Decorate It

I am a very utilitarian sort of person. If it works then it is sufficient. If it tastes OK then don't put parsley on it.

Jeanette has taken to using spring clips to reseal open packages of chips or cookies. This is a very utilitarian sort of application for an office supply product.

Here is a large spring clip.

But watch out. If you don't hide it, then it will be embellished with some of the adornments that are definitely not utilitarian.

I mean -- what's with the ribbon?


  1. It's cute and don't you forget it. JCV

  2. the BLOG comment SPAMMERS are back and so I have enable the "word" verification again. What a bother.

  3. Larry,
    The clip is way cuter with the paper and ribbon on it. It makes it more desirable to use. Jeanette is the only woman left in your house, and if she wants to make things pretty, then you need to let her.

  4. I also think that the clip is completey cute. The only thing I don't get is how she gets them that way. I need to learn how.

    Dad, I think you have been overruled, at least 3:1.

    Hi, Mom. Love it!!!

  5. I remember years ago when I had been living alone in an apartment. I kept it clean and orderly, but it wasn't really a home until Betty moved in and put her feminine touch on things.

  6. I never said it was not cute. I just said that it was not too utilitarian and violates my simple nature. Of course it is cute. That is why she did it. Eric may have something to say about using the C word.


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