Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bunny Ears

It seems that even special events are not immune.

Eric, what are you doing?

I have always wondered if there was some meaning to the rabbit ears that are raised when someone is to have a photograph.

There are occasions when the rabbit ears are received with joy.

There are times when the rabbit ears are endowed without the knowledge of the giver.

Sometimes rabbit ears are self inflicted.

Nobody and nothing is safe.

Sometimes you have to look closely to see the culprit.

Some rabbit ears are repeats.

Some rabbit must be provided out of habit.

Some rabbit ears are not well formed.

Some people are joined by accomplices and even then may not make the ears properly.

Who can be trusted?

Even Snickers was not safe.

Practice makes perfect.

Practice, practice, practice!

This is an impostor.

Chill out.

You are not even safe in the wild.

If you can't beat them -- JOIN THEM.


  1. Rabit ears help us to not take ourselves so seriously.

    Larry, you look good in a beard. It makes me want to grow one again.

  2. I am at the point with my beard where I am deciding to keep it or shave it.

  3. O.k. so I can't seem to remember why I am not in the picture of the Chesh fam picture here. It's fun to see Meg's untamed hair and my Mom when she had a hat instead of hair. Loved the post. Thanks for sharing. - Nik

  4. I notice rabbit ears in other peoples photos more now that I have been tagging my photos with rabbit ears.


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