Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Holding the bag

We have been on the road for 4 days now. Debra is in Rexburg. We are in Saint George (Eric, Larry, and Jeanette).

Gatha has crafted custom bags for all her descendants. They are each unique and are customized for the individual. Jeanette and I brought T-shirts. We decided to stuff the T-shirts into the bags. Gatha has also acquired unique gifts for all the bags. What a task that must have been.

We are going to Salt Lake City tomorrow to do some visiting. Gatha is going to go with us. This will mean one more trip down to St. George.


  1. Awesome bags. That took some time (and love). I hope you are having a good time, and thanks for updating your blog so we can check in with your great family.

  2. The bags are awsome. It is amazing to me that each of us received a bag that was created specifically with us in mind.

    I appreciated my bag and the thought that went into creating it. I also appreciated the filling.

  3. There is nothing like custom gear.


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