Monday, June 2, 2008

Debra at BYUi

Today Eric, Debra, Jeanette, and I drove from Magna to Rexburg. When we arrived there at 10 AM we went directly to her new residence. There was nobody in sight. Debra called the number on the sign out in front of the building looking for help. There was no answer. She was getting distressed. We tried the door and it was open. We looked around inside. Nobody to be found.

We were going to go to campus when a girl emerged from the adjacent apartment. Jeanette asked for help to determine what she should do. The landlord lives next door. We went there and she found her new place.

We spent a while on campus and bought her a portfolio and she got her ID.

Back to her apartment and we headed back to Magna.


  1. Oh, how exciting Debra. Sometimes I wish I had gone away to college like you. I'm so proud of you. We'll sure miss you here.

  2. Good luck, Debra! Finally got Promenade posted.

  3. I expected to see more from Prom.


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