Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some tongue

This event has taken a few weeks to bring to fruition. The group of 11 year old scouts is diminishing quickly. There were three boys at my house tonight. Paul, Andrew, and Arthur were here.

There were a couple things that I wanted accomplish; learn how to make a fire, and cook a meal and eat it. I think both were accomplished to some extent.

The menu consisted of cow tongue, sausages, beans, and corn on the cob. It was all cooked in the smoker at about 400 degrees. Arthur was excited to have cow tongue. He was the one that suggested that we get cow tongue. I told him we would.

I asked Jeanette if she would buy the meats and corn. She consented, but she says she shuddered at the thought of getting the tongue. Thank you Jeanette for stepping outside your comfort zone to do this.

I had never cooked tongue before.

Here is the leftover meat. Part of the tongue and most of the sausage that we cooked was eaten. The corn was all eaten; all three ears.

The firebox was full to the top when the fire was raging. The fuel is almost gone.

Preparing the tongue was something new to me. I read on the internet for a bit and came to the conclusion that I did not have time to prepare it by most of the recipes that were listed. I decided to cook it at a higher temperature to fit in the time that we had. I put some rub on it and into the smoker it went.

It was a bit chewy. I do not think that I will buy tongue any time soon. The remainder of the tongue I cooked for another hour and a half. I will cut it tomorrow and try it again then.

One of the things that was consistent in the recipes for tongue was to peel it. Below is a close shot of a piece of the cows tongue skin. It is very raspy and has a smooth this way rough this way feel.


  1. I was all set to at least try it until I saw the last picture and my stomach lurched. No thanks.... Glad the boys were up to trying it. Maybe I can coherce Paul to eat seafood now...

  2. I think tounge can stay in the cow's mouth. It doesn't appeal to me. The same is true of many of the organ meats.

  3. I cooked the main part of the tongue a couple hours longer than when we first ate. I even started to like it by the time it was all gone. Debra did not like it because it was too smoky. Jeanette was like you and the mental image was more than enough to deter a venture into the unknown. Eric was not adventurous but did try it and dismiss it.

  4. I was that way when Betty and her family all went to get Rocky Mountain oysters. I was going to get something else, but let them talk me into trying them. They were quite palletable. Not something I would drive any extra distance for, but I won't turn them down if they are offered.


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