Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A book not written

Several years ago our children were brainstorming on a book that could be a best seller.

100 ways to annoy dad.

  1. I do not like noise (noise is unwanted sound).
  2. Giggle
  3. Whispering just beyond the range of hearing
  4. Tapping
  5. Standing behind me when I am watching a movie or using the computer
  6. Channel surfing (if someone else does it)
  7. Trying to whistle
  8. Stinky lotion
  9. Snore
  10. Stink up the bathroom
  11. Put down the toilet lid
  12. Whine
  13. Cheat
  14. Lie
  15. Criticize me
  16. Clang pots and pans
  17. Slam doors
  18. Slam drawers
  19. Be late
  20. Make me late
  21. Say to be early so I won't be late
  22. Say excuse me when you really mean get out of my way
  23. Yell at me
  24. Sing off key
  25. Make me sing off key
  26. Condemn me
  27. Ask accusatory questions
  28. Accuse me of things I did not do
  29. Find fault
  30. Blame me for your shortcomings
  31. Steal
  32. Be mean to others
  33. Disobey
  34. Dismiss me as not knowing
  35. Lend my things without my permission
  36. Decide for me what I like
  37. Decide for me what I dislike
  38. Get angry
  39. Tell me how I should feel about something
  40. Tickle me
  41. Don't read my BLOG
  42. Don't call home
  43. Don't write letters
  44. Say "I don't know" to avoid answering
  45. Sin
  46. Be irresponsible
  47. Make commitments and break them
  48. Forget to say "Thank YOU"
  49. Welch
  50. Conceal the truth
I suppose that I can just be half annoyed.

And my other list
  1. Microsoft
  2. MSC


  1. I have a similar list. As a matter of fact, I could take your list and change a couple of things to make it complete.

    I have a higher tolerance for unwanted sounds that you.

    What do you mean by "Welch"?

    I think my pet peeve is channel surfing (when it isn't me with the remote.)

  2. I have many more, but I am hesitant to post them all in fear that I will annoy someone else.

  3. In this case I believe discretion is the better course.


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