Sunday, May 11, 2008

Open Letter to Jeanette


I don't say "thank you", or "I love you" enough to let you know just how I feel inside. I am most grateful for knowing you and having married you. 29 years ago we met. I have spent more of my time with you than without you. That is the way I want it.

Our children owe you a great debt for the care an nurturing that you have given them. Each one of our children has received custom care and teaching. Your faith and devotion to God are a great example for all who see you and know you. Your prayers have gone up to Heaven in their behalf, and I am grateful that you, as I, have prayed for them.

As our children have been leaving home our lives are starting to change. We are getting a bit older and slower. Hopefully we are getting wiser. You have done a marvelous job of managing our home and taking care of all the domestic needs. Thank you for making our home the success that it is.

It is easy to see the love and care you have for our children. Now that we have grandchildren it is more evident the joy they bring to you by the radiance that you emit and the joy painted on your face. It is exciting to know that you love them.

Thank you for saying yes.



  1. Jeanette, I have always been glad that you married Larry. I told you when you married that you were an answer to my prayers. that is still true. I love you dearly.

  2. I am glad that Jeanette was there and I met her. Was it fate? Was it luck? I recognize the hand of God in this relationship.


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