Sunday, May 11, 2008


For the first nine months she did carry me,
Finally she did labor for me.

With her sister birth did work out,
When I was small carry me about.

My mother would nurse and care for me,
My messes she'd clean most willingly.

Until I was larger she would bath my body,
Usually she'd pick clothes and dress me less shoddy.

I grew because she would feed me good food,
It was far to walk so she'd drive if she could.

While I was young she did teach me good principles,
When I didn't learn she would discipline in a manner simple.

Upon my successes she would praise me greatly,
Upon my mistake she would chastise me gently.

Seeking God's help for me she'd pray earnestly,
Showing her child she'd brag about me fervently.

Far from us she does miss us as we miss her,
For visits she does rejoice and our presence prefer.

Because of faults and mistakes she does cry solemnly,
But on our successes she does rejoice in sincerity.

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  1. Thank you Larry. You have always been a blessing to me.


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