Friday, May 2, 2008

Larry (Installment 3)


We lived close to the Parker family. They live to the south on the other side of the block. We were close friends while we lived next door. We used to play together occasionally. I remember the day that I was practicing walking on the fence in the back yard and slipping off. It was a barbed wire fence, and one of the barbs did manage to tear the skin on my rib cage and tear up my shirt. I still have a scar that is about 5 inches long with ragged edges.

As my world expanded, I went another block away to play with the DePriest boys. I don’t remember many of the details, but I played with James and Dennis most.

Across the street was the house of Maggie Weston. Her grandson, Martin Weston, was a playmate. The old hen house in Maggie’s yard was interesting. We would visit the hen house when Martin was assigned the task of cleaning out the chicken droppings. GROSS!


  1. I never visited the hen house at Maggie's, but I was well acquaianted with the one at Grandma Dunn's. Shoveling chicken droppings is one of the most distasteful chores I was ever given.

  2. You what the that white stuff is in the droppings?

    Droppings, just like the rest of it.

  3. Your language is so eloquent. I would have said it a baser way.


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