Thursday, May 1, 2008

Larry (Installment 2)

My Immediate Family

I do remember Donnie and his bright red hair and his pale complexion covered with freckles. He was so cool to me. I looked up to him, even though he was shorter than everybody that was his age. He often did things with dad like hunting and fishing. I remember the time that Donnie was taking the shells out of the 22 caliber rifle and discharged it through our parents bed. Donnie was a bit of a rebel during his younger years. He served a proselyting mission to Central America and was soon married after he returned home. Donnie was not only a big brother, but sometimes he was like a father.

My biggest brother. Kent was always involved in something that impressed me. He was what I envisioned me to be when I was a bit larger. I saw him as artsy and intellectual. He was always kind to me. Kent spent a couple years in Mexico serving as a missionary. He also had a chance to travel to Viet Nam. I did manage to wreck two of Kent's cars for him. Maybe more about that later.

My playmate. I can only remember flashes of the things that she had me do for her as we grew. I remember some of the simple incidents we shared in that old home. We played in the back yard around the old sheds that were used for livestock by a previous tenant. The field that was behind the house was fairly large, but we did not use it for much of anything. The weeds were cut down to reduce the fire hazard, but the stubble that was left was sharp and stiff. I proved that by going barefoot out into the field and having a stub come up through my foot. Bonnie ran into the house to get mom while I hopped around and cried.

Mom and Dad
I do not remember much of my parents from the time that we lived in the old house. Dad went to work and mom stayed home. I think we had a happy home.
Mom always seemed to be a pious lady that had a cause she was pursuing. Between Relief Society and scouting it seemed that her spare time was always filled.
Dad worked for Boyd Paget at Conejos County Gas and Oil. The old service station previously belonged to Simeon Dunn. Simeon is my great grandfather.:

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