Wednesday, April 9, 2008


We went to the Living Planet Aquarium yesterday and had lots of fun.
There was an exhibit that was just about animals that live in Utah. There were salmon, trout, frogs and others.
We saw a very big fish called a Grouper.
There were rays we could touch. Leslie didn't get to touch them because the water was about as deep as she is tall. They felt like soft jelly. It was pretty cool. There were sharks and an octopus. There were also a couple different kinds of jellyfish.

We went with our neighbor Paula and her son Elliot. We saw coral reefs and clown fish

Leslie even got a little souvenir from the gift shop a clown fish beach ball. She has been playing with it all day today.


  1. I am glad that you have taken to post some more information about your grand day out.

    How big was the grouper? There is not anything in the picture that can be used as a direct scale.

    Did you get into the water?

    Are those suckers in the first frame?

    With fronds like those, who needs anemones?

  2. The grouper was about 18 in long and maybe half that wide.

    You can't get in the water; you just reach in about elbow deep to touch the rays.

    Yes, those are suckers.

  3. Julie, the pictures are beautiful. It's so nice to see pictures of your and Leslie. She's a doll!

  4. Jule, Thank you for posting your pictures. I would love to see Leslie. Only recently have I seen her pictures. I was surprised to see how old she is. Love you. Grandma Gatha


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