Thursday, April 10, 2008

Aim High

Listen to what I say.
Lay attention to me.
Learn to try and to apply;
Let the message flow;
Later all will ring true.

All want to know the way
And all want to be free,
All need to aim high.
As people to you show
Are those who love you.

Reasons you're here to stay
Right on earth with me,
Ready to an estate comply;
Raring to keep straight a row
Reach for a target true.

Read the target far away
Rely on perhaps a tree,
Reach and focus earnestly;
Ride to make straight a furrow,
Run until you are through.

You drive a car the same way,
Yearn your target constantly.
Your aim must be high
Yonder in the distance go
Yes its in your view.

Various quarry you can slay,
Victory needs the key.
View the quarry is not nigh,
Value of elevation must grow
Vowing to avoid a miscue.

Advice to you I say,
Again not only for me.
Apply to the Master on high,
As He has a way to go.
Atoned for me and you.

Nobody else can lead the way.
Note He ensures your destiny.
Nod to Him, He'll tell you why;
Near to him you must grow.
Number you among the few.

Cease to be easy to sway;
Care to gain a great glee;
Come with me and we can try,
Constantly we can learn and know
Certainty of what is true.

Everybody needs to obey;
Each can be a nominee;
Eat with the Master on high,
Esteem Him right you know.
Everything for me and you.


  1. Larry, did you write the poem. It is full of great advice. I love you Larry Mom


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