Thursday, March 20, 2008


Julie came to us just as I was finishing my Masters Degree in Civil Engineering at BYU. Jeanette had her degree and was well entrenched in the role of mother and homemaker with 4 children. Julie was our squeaker. She may have been small, but she had a strong set of lungs. It took a few months before she filled up her car seat.

She was loved dearly by all. Her brothers were most enthralled with being able to have a baby sister.

I spent time with Julie when she was fussy. I would take her and hold her while we were both on the floor. I would be on my back and she would lie on my chest and belly, with her hands hanging off the sides of my chest. In a few moments she would be calm and go to sleep. I looked for a picture of her on me, but was not successful. Isn't she cute with her bow glued onto her short haired head?

Julie's closest friend and associate was her mother. Whenever Julie was in distress she would make some noise....

and her mother would come to her rescue.

Jeanette tells of when Julie was 4 years of age and she was in her bedroom crying. Jeanette went to see to Julie. She found that she was leaning on an open drawer and weeping. He mother inquired as to the cause of her distress and Julie informed her mother: "I don't have anything beautiful to wear!"

Below is one of my favorite pictures. This was taken the day that Julie was baptized.

Julie and I went to a dance of the 50s. I don't remember many of the details, but we did get an award for cutest couple at the dance. The sideburns did not last long.

Beautiful Julie in her red velvet dress.

And I like this pair of pony tails.

And this set of pig tails later.

Julie lent me her hat to make sure that I did not get a sunstroke.

I am surprised that I only was able to find this one picture of Julie with her tongue extended. (I did not look too hard)

Julie even got down and dirty when we overhauled the engine in the old Caprice (the Boat).

Maybe this time Julie got her curlers too tight.

Julie played and sang. She is such an accomplished person.

And beautiful to boot.

And she expanded her mind and the minds of others with her skillful reading of the classics.

Mother and daughter.

A hard worker that would make a good wife.

And here comes Clint Long along to ask her to fill that role.

So they did wed.

Hi Leslie. You too are beautiful like your mother.

It seems this one has gone full circle.


  1. I love it that you share these posts about your children.

  2. I also love the shared posts. Julie you are a lovely lady. I have always admired you. I'm sure that you are a good wife and mother. I love you.


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