Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm a Competent Communicator

I accomplished a small thing this past year. I was able to deliver 10 speeches conforming to some sort of semblance of the requirements for Toastmasters International. As the reward for this I was awarded a certificate for being a "Competent Communicator". For those of you who really know me know that communication is really one of my weaknesses.

Communication is such a difficult thing.

I am now working to achieve my "Competent Leader" designation.

I am currently serving as the Sargent at Arms for the club we have at work. Today we held elections and I was a candidate for President. The other candidate was elected to the President post. I nominated myself for Secretary. The person that is the incumbent appeared to have taken it personal that I defeated her. The new tenure of office begins the first of July.


  1. I have been to a few leader's meetings with Larry. It was usually dinner with spouses. We had one here as well. I have listened to some of his speeches and the speeches of the others. It is interesting. Saying uhm is a big no no. The topics and requirements are thoughtful and enjoyable. It is not for me. But he is doing great and I can see a difference in is public speaking. He was always amazing to me though because he functions on principles not emotions. That trait shows through in the speeches he gives.

  2. I am proud of you Larry. You feel that your communication is week and you are doing something about it. I never felt that it was a weakness. You are very special to me and I am sure that you do very well. I enjoy your addition to your blog. I love you mom


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