Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I love my wife

I have lived with Jeanette longer than I have lived without her. We met at BYU. We were both students there. She was a Senior, and I a Freshman. Even though I am a few years older than her, she graduated from the university before I did.

We met while we lived in a pair of apartment buildings that were on the same property. There was a men's and a woman's building. One night the Ward went to an activity at Hansen Planetarium, where Jeanette and Hazel were sitting in close proximity to me. I suppose that I probably flirted with Hazel in hopes of getting to know her. I don't remember how it is that I ended up going with Jeanette on a date. Oh well. They say the second thing to go is the memory.

While we were dating Jeanette told her mother that I was moving too fast and that she was not interested in going that fast. We had a short hiatus from each other. There was a handsome young man that asked Jeanette for a date, and he used my shower and apartment to get ready for the date. He bragged at how nice Jeanette was. He did not know that I had been dating her, I think.

Later we started dating again and I asked her if she would marry me. Her reply was -- "Are you kidding?" I still don't know what she meant by that comment, but my answer was no, I was not kidding.

A couple weeks later Jeanette caller her mom to talk to her and told her to, "guess what?" Her mom said back, "What happened, did he slow down, or did you catch up?"

We met in June and were married in December. Ever since we have had an adventure.

I love Jeanette very much.


  1. Awh... that's so sweet! She caught up! I'm glad that she did, because if she didn't I would never have met her! :-)

  2. I told my Mom I caught up. Grateful I did.

  3. When it is all put in the balance, the good and the not so good, it is easy to see that the good overwhelms the not so good. I love Jeanette very much. I am glad that she said yes.


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