Saturday, February 2, 2008

Changing habits

I have been married to Larry for 28 years. One thing he really loves to do is learn. His mother tells that he wore out a set of encyclopedias by reading them so much. We have the ugliest dictionary because we have used it so much in family discussions around the dinner table that it is literally falling apart and a bit dirty. It is probably about 25 years old too. Of course during our college days he was learning every day in class. That hasn't changed since 1986 when he graduated with concurrent bachelor and master degrees in civil engineering.

After family prayer and sending kids off the bed we turn in too. But sleep is not his immediate priority. Larry always has a book or two on the headboard that he is reading. I have been amazed that he could read at night, in bed while laying down. I have never been able to do that. During college and after, if I waited to read until I was settled in my bed my reading lasted about 3 seconds. Then I was sleeping. I can read during the day. It seems to have been curtailed some years because of my desire to take care of our children during the day, especially when they were young.

I have seen him read his college calculus book again, Jesus the Christ in Spanish at least twice, multitudes of computer and engineering texts, The Book of Mormon in Spanish a few times, Josephus, Jesus Christ by Farrar, The Messiah series by McConkie, and last year the entire Bible. After watching this for so many years I decided somehow that maybe I should try again. How and when it came to my mind I really can't tell. I changed the not able to read at night in bed habit. I can do it. I do do it. Almost every day.

Even when we go to bed late. (late here is 10pm) What ever book I am reading I just want to get reading. Right now I am reading Faith Precedes the Miracle, by Spencer W. Kimball. Amazing book. Beautiful teachings. So go for it, change a habit for the better.
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  1. It has been a while that I have been reading daily (with some exceptions). My favorite reading was that related to the life of Jesus Christ.

    I didn't understand my "Analytic Geometry and Calculus" any better than my first time. Right now I am working on "Continuum Mechanics".

  2. There are other habits that we need to work on getting in line. All horizontal surfaces in our home are occupied with some sort of clutter. I am the biggest culprit, but Jeanette is a major contributor, to keeping the elevated horizontal surfaces cluttered. The children are the ones that clutter the floors.


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