Monday, May 3, 2010

No shopping for a week

Yesterday our Bishop came into the Relief Society meeting. He asked for five sisters to volunteer their family to not do any shopping for a week including no eating out of meals. We can purchase gasoline for travels to work and the guys were given permission to shop for Mother's Day if they hadn't done so.

He had already been to the brethren. We asked which men volunteered. The Vance's was the first family name mentioned. I would have volunteered if Larry had not done so though I hesitated doing so without talking to Larry. I felt we were is a pretty good position to accept this challenge.

We are to keep a journal about our experience and be ready to share with the ward on a fifth Sunday meeting to come.

So there are 7 families in the ward not doing any shopping for the week. One family started a temporary blog so we could journal there if we wanted too. The bishop gave the okay on that idea. I'll try to add a link so you can see what the other families are doing. Some of these families have very young children, even newborns. From the looks of things we have all discovered things that we need to think about and plan for a little better. The Bishop didn't say anything about not sharing so we may just do some of that. Between all of us we may have just what we all need. That sounds like an important lesson.

My immediate concerns for our food supply was fresh milk and fruits and vegetables. I knew we had at least one gallon of milk. I also knew we had some fresh broccoli, green beans, tomatoes, cucumber. I thought we had one orange, and a zucchini. No orange or zucchini. We did have one apple, a pint of strawberries, and a half pound of green grapes. Oh and we only have four eggs.

I have decided to push myself this week and use some of our staple supplies that I don't use very often and to add some skills to my arsenal. I hope to use some dry milk, make tortillas, and bread.


  1. I think all of us could use some help to know just what we need to get by. Perhaps we should all try that measure to see where we stand on our food storage. Good luck Grandma Gatha

  2. Good luck. I have a can of red wheat that I don't know what to do with so post any recipes you have too.

  3. Julie, your Aunt Betty, has a recipe for pancakes that is made from unmilled whole wheat. Perhaps I can get her to share it with you.

  4. Jeanette, I think this is a wonderful idea and I wish I had seen it the day you posted it. We are going to really study your ward blog this week and then we are going to try it ourselves. We'll share what we've learned too.

  5. Julie, I have a WONDERFUL recipe for whole wheat pancakes you make in the blender. It is quick and they are light and fluffy and taste wonderful. I will type it in on the Kent and Betty Vance blog. These are very tasty and there are 3 more recipes I'll do for you too.

  6. Jeanette, this sounds like an excellent idea, we are going to do it too, sounds like a real challenge. Excellent way to find out just what you can really do with your food storage and what you really need

    Thanks for sharing, Betty

  7. Julie, here is the recipe and I'll be sending some more.

    Aunt Betty


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