Friday, August 7, 2009


Doris, Hazel, and Ruth are sisters. We had the chance to visit each of them for a short spell. The last are first, and the first are last.

Here is a shot of Doris. This just shows how happy she was to see me.

Ruth had that very same emotion. Larry? Is that you Larry?

And when we were going to leave she said, "Please don't leave!"

I had to throw in this photo of a photo just for fun.

It was nice to visit with Hazel for a few minutes.

Jenine was kind enough to allow us to park our little trailer in her yard. Jenine is Hazel's daughter.

Maybe more later.


  1. Thanks for these pictures. I love them! They make me homesick... Gayle

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Brings back lots of wonderful memories. Sarah Thomas(Don Forsyth's Daughter)


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