Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Garden

In the past week Jeanette and I went out and harvested from our garden while Eric was off to scout camp. We harvested mostly peppers, but there were a few tomatoes and a cucumber. There are serrano peppers, and banana peppers, and jalpeno peppers. They may a good mix for chopping up and putting in an omelet. I cooked myself a bunch this morning, and Jeanette wanted some bacon and eggs. I cooked Jeanette's food in a separate skillet so as not to contaminate her food with spicy pepper oil. I used the same spatula to turn her egg. That was not what she wanted.

If you peak in there, you can see some fine peppers just begging to be harvested.

The tomatoe plants are almost passed, but they will provide me with some salsa base before the end. The potatoes are probably ready to harvest too.


  1. I think my garden has been a blessing. It is starting to produce, too. I didn't plant hot peppers. Mine are mild and plentiful. I have cucumbers, squash, green tomatoes, beets, coming watermelon and cantalope. (bad spelling). I would like to see your garden. It looks beautiful.

    I can hardly wait to see all of you.

  2. Our garden this year looks like a square foot compost pile. We haven't cared for it very well. I think it will be better once we pay some attention to it.


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