Saturday, May 16, 2009


As I headed out the back door with the camera Jeanette asked, "Where do you think you are going?" I confessed that I was going out to take some pictures.

Our garden has grown quite a lot the past couple weeks. We have two watering troughs that we have converted into raised garden beds. Donnie and Gloria helped us mix the soil when they came to visit us a few years ago.

Another view....

If you look closely you can see some of the precious flowers growing on the pepper plant beside some wonderful to be soon edible green peppers.

Here is a cucumber blossom. It is climbing up on the tomatoes.

The view behind is not nearly as nice. Our neighbors children play as the the fence is a goal for their soccer practice.

Around the front where the prickly pear is blooming.

One of my favorite flowers.

Spring is here.

Maybe it is time to get some of the junk cleaned up on the driveway. That pile of compost by little gray still needs to be spread.

Where ya' been dad?


  1. It has been a beautiful Spring this year. Lots of rain makes the plants grow really well. Let's see what happens when the rain quits. Thanks for posting Larry honey.

  2. Tell me more about your converted watering troughs. That sounds like a nice idea.

  3. I bet having the beds up higher makes it easier to weed. Seems like a lot of dirt! I have a trough that is upside down right now. I think I was contributing the mosquito population last year, but it is helpful to have that water for the days that you cannot water. Maybe I'll put dirt in mine and tomato plants. :D

  4. If you put a garden in it you must put drains in the bottom to ensure that the garden does not flood.


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