Friday, March 13, 2009


It has been raining for 2 days. I volunteered to cook the meet for the High Priest Group social tonight. We went out yesterday afternoon and purchased the chickens.

I rolled the smoker up on the sidewalk and started a fire in the firebox. It took more than usual to get an actual fire going.

The ground outside is saturated and any walking except on the sidewalk works up a bunch of mud.

I put some of the trimmings from the ornamental pear tree on the top of the firebox to warm it and dry it while the fire inside improved and heated the cooking chamber up above 200 degrees.

The chickens are starting to look good. I will let you know after tonight how they were.


  1. Looks like a winner. Those chickens look like they will be tasty. I
    m glad to see a blog. Mom

  2. I had smoked turkey for Thanksgiving. It was a real treat. Let us know how your chickens turn out.


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