Friday, March 20, 2009

It Flew the Coop

In the beginning there was an old airplane that sat in the desert for many years because it was used and was considered not to be worthy of service without expensive maintenance. There was another plane that was also parked in the desert with the first and was not worth using because most of the aircraft was not useful, except for the center wing.

The center wing was taken out of the airplane with a buzz saw and shipped to the place where I work. We worked on the old center wing and repaired things that looked to be of concern. Then came the big job of putting the old refurbished center wing into the old airplane that sat in the desert for many years. We did more work than this. We installed new radios, and cleaned up any damage that was done to the plane and added a new coat of paint. The airplane was then delivered to the government of Poland. There are 4 other airplanes that are having the same thing done to them.

And away it goes into the wild world.

Goodbye 1262.

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