Saturday, January 31, 2009

Officer Induction

Our Toastmasters club, Waco Wordsmiths, met at Mama Baris and had a short meeting and a meal where the officers took their oaths of office. The oath of office for each officer was given.

Tim Hess was installed as Treasurer.

Jessica Dudley, on the left, took her oath as Secretary, which was administered by Leigh Ann Moffet, the Area 43 District Commissioner.

And Brad Carter as Vice President of Public Relations.

And then there was Luis Ortiz, the Vice President of Membership.

Gary Lee Webb took the oath of office as Vice President of Education.

And last I gave the oath of office as President.

We must have had a good time.


  1. Larry, congratulations on your new office. I think that is great. Good luck and happy times!

  2. Congratulations on your induction.

    I have really enjoyed the things you have shared from your Toastmasters club. I hope to see more.


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