Monday, January 12, 2009

A Hungry Cook is an Idiot

I plagiarized this saying from Randy Vance. He probably found it somewhere else, but I thought it was a good saying, so I added it to my repertoire of sayings.

Take care of yourself. If you are a mechanic... Fix your car! If you are a cook... EAT!

When you fly on an aircraft that is under the auspices of the FAA then an attractive person will explain at the onset of the flight what you must do to take care of yourself in the event of an emergency. It is rather easy for me to ignore the message, as it is rote. Does this mean that it is not important? Probably not.

Listen to the still small voice and follow the promptings that are delivered to your spirit. Take care of yourself.


  1. Never take a test if you haven't studied. The Spirit will bring all things to your REMEMBRANCE. The Spirit cannot help the same way when you don't know, as opposed to when you payed attention to the important stuff.

  2. Study before you take the test, but if you have not studied you should still take the test. You may not get the score you would like, but you get the score you deserve.


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