Thursday, December 4, 2008

Who Gives to Whom

In the past our family has attempted to simplify the gift giving by having Santa Claus give to all the family members, but the family members would give to only one other family member per a prearranged schedule.

We have rotated this schedule from year to year, and it has become a tradition to continue and give to only one member of the family.

Jeanette one year asked at the dinner table, "Who has who[m] for Christmas?"

To which Julie responded, "I do!"

Well, here is the who to whom list.

Jeanette ====> Anita
Arlo ====> Debra
Craig ====> Eric
Brian ====> Larry
Julie ====> Jeanette
Anita ====> Arlo
Debra ====> Craig
Eric ====> Brian
Larry ====> Julie



  1. why aren't I on the list???? Hahaha

  2. Good arrangement!!!!

    Your font on your page is sooooooo small!!

  3. Never underestimate your influence. I have responded to both of your comments with real changes.

  4. @Danette,

    Did I not add you in enough places? I can add more if you would like.


    I messed up when I cut and pasted the list at the bottom. It changed all the formatting in the whole document. I have, I think, rectified that now. I also increased the font size one step so you can read it. Do I need to get you some reading glasses?


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