Thursday, November 20, 2008


At the dinner table tonight we were talking about something that brought back to mind an event that was passed on to me by a friend in Littleton, Colorado.

We will call the friend David.

David had taken his family to Elitch Gardens,which is now owned by 6 Flags, and they had come to the time for them to depart. He notified his children that it was time to head home. His 6 year old daughter did not want to go yet. She told her father that she wanted to stay. He laid down the law and told her that it was time to go. She resisted him telling her to go. He picked her up and began to head for the exit.

The daughter began yelling with her arms outstretched, "This man is trying to take me! I don't want to go with him!"

A officer saw and heard the commotion and told David: "Put the girl down and step away!"

David replied, "This is my daughter and we are going home."

The officer then repeated sternly, "PUT THE GIRL DOWN AND STEP AWAY!"

David put her down and stepped back. The officer then asked the girl if she knew that man, to which she replied, "Yes, that is my dad."

The officer queried why she had yelled out like that, to which she explained that she was just recently taught in school that if somebody was trying to take you and you don't want to go you should yell out what she did.

She learned the mechanics without knowing the real reason.


  1. Well, it almost worked for her to stay!

    Elich Gardens was owned by Six Flags until about a year or so ago. Although the new downtown location is not as good as the 100 year old, old location, it is now again the old Elich Gardens without all the looney toon characters running around and the commercial push of merchandise!

  2. That could have been a terrible situation for the dad. If the girl had wanted to stay bad enough, she could have said no, she didn't know him.


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