Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Change for changes sake is not a good thing.

Change is necessary, but the change made should be important. Important in the sense that the change solves a problem, not creates one.

For 8 years I have listened to political pundits refer to the Presidency of The United States of America as "this administration" instead of using the respect that should be due the President. I also saw the congress members that were personally responsible for our financial difficulty try to blame Bush. Pelosi was personally responsible for passing legislation that caused the mortgage failures that are currently being paid for with taxpayer money. That is something that should change. I fear we are headed the other direction, where the change is going to be us losing more of our liberties by having a bigger and more invasive government. The national debt is at somewhere around 12 TRILLION dollars. Each person in the United States is ~$40,000 in debt because of congress spending beyond our means. Some day it will all come due. That change will be very painful.


  1. When a private family spends beyond their means, there are dire consequences. Sometimes that consequence is a change in lifestile as a family works hard to get their spending back under control. Sometimes it means that a family loses their belongings and social status through a bankrupsy.

    I was advised once that the worst thing that a parent can do is protect a child from the consequences of their behavior. Removing the consequences would rob them of the valuable lessons that come from those consequences. Although I don't believe that we should allow our small children to burn themselves to learn that a stove is hot, I do believe that this is true in some circumstances.

    I believe firmly that the same is true of business and institutions. The most valuable result of poor choices are the consequences that would bring about the change of course.

    Freedom is lost as we incur debt whether it a merchant, a banker, a government, or any other entity.

    I have made some poor choices in my life, and have had to pay the piper. Paying the piper has caused me to consider my choices and has helped me improve the quality of my life.

  2. When one realizes that debit isn't good, so that person works and works and gets themself out of debt, with the exception of owning a home and having the value of that home drop out from under you, short from filing bankruptcy, what do you do?

  3. I think in that situation, the only thing that we can do is live within our means and do the best we can. There are a lot of us in that situation right now.


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