Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What I hate about Halloween

I have determined that I do not want a bunch of sugar. I believe it is bad for everybody. Eric went to the Mars company party to do some service and he comes home with this haul:

Somebody is going to get their sugar high from this confection that was prepared by Mrs. Vance. A major award for whomever can win at the Cake Walk that will be put on tonight at the ward Fall Festival.

That is not really what I hate about Halloween. I have always disliked the idea of "Trick or Treat", where you threaten somebody that if they do not give you a treat that you will do something dastardly. It seems that there is a reciprocal relationship where the trickers may be the ones posing as the treaters. When I was a youth there were instances of poisoning and people being injured by peoples tricks.

Then there was that time that somebody threw a bag of powdered perlite on the highway into Manassa. It was never safe to use an outhouse on Halloween. You would either be locked in with a rope or the outhouse would be tipped.


  1. It's also not safe to use outhouses during downpours! You never know whose gonna come a knockin'.

  2. Betty also knows about unsafe outhouses, doesn't she?

    I enjoyed Halloween when we had children at home, but it just isn't fun without the children or grandchildren, and now that I have "pre-diabetes", I have to be careful with my sugar intake. I think we'll go visit my father-in-law that evening.


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