Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Major Award

I received a phone call a few weeks ago. The person who was calling specifically for me had learned that I was a registered merit badge counselor for ART. I am not an artist, nor do I have a special skill in art, but I was registered. I tried to convince the person on the phone that I was not the best person for this particular merit badge. He indicated he was desperate to find someone to do the merit badge. I informed him that I would do the merit badge only as a last resort. The next week he called and told me that I was in fact the last resort.

I have been busy at work correcting a report and have been working for the past few Saturdays to try and accomplish the task. Last week was the first session for the merit badge college, and I took a portfolio of Debra's work to show the different mediums that can be used in the visual arts. The 3 groups I counseled were fairly responsive overall. This week the majority earned the merit badge.

Eric was my diligent helper. Jeanette has been busy doing other things too.

As I was leaving I left the records of what the boys had accomplished with the man at the "desk". He gave me this major award for having taken my time. I deserve it!


  1. I believe that nothing could speak to your ability to be a merit badge counselor for art than the work you have done in your own home. You have taught and encouraged your children to be creative and develop their talents.

    I have seen some of your own art work over the years and see the seed of that same creativity in you. In our home and our hearts, some of that art has earned a place of honor. I have no fancy award, but do have a deep respect and love for your talent and your ability to share it.

  2. Larry, I feel that if you are willing to go to such an extent to accomplish a thing that has a good effect on the boys that you do truly deserve the award for your diligent effort. Like Kent I admire your ability to share your talent for getting things done and Your art in Poetry and expressing yourself. Love you. Mom.

    Thank you for the beautiful book, cd's and beautiful corsage. I missed you and family, but realize how far away you live. Thanks again.

  3. Yes, I do use the term -- MAJOR AWARD -- tongue in cheek because of the scene in "A Christmas Story" where the lamp is a major award.


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