Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another Poem

We should yearn to learn
Then we need to do
So we can be

Praise the women as good as man
Show respect when confronted
Please choose the right

Contention is not the way
Forgive and walk away
Do it Jesus' way

Use the priesthood power
Bless your fellow
Do it now

Marriage can be eternal
It can be for here
Or it is wrong

Come back to the fold
Forgiveness is divine
Do the right thing


  1. Your poem sounds familiar (at least the counsel does). You never came and got the bag of jalapenos. I'll drop them off tomorrow, so they will still be fresh. Paul forgot to bring them to the Priesthood session last night.

  2. One interesting thing I learned on learn, is it's 80% earned. wisdom beyond my years! HAHAHA

  3. Your poem is filled with good wisdom.
    I love you and your poem.

  4. I work to learn
    each day I live
    My heart does burn
    As I freely give
    The things I love
    To loved ones dear.

  5. I love my family true
    I love my siblings too.

    I BLOG of some thing new
    I BLOG of old things too.

    I need your support
    No sharp retort!

    I will get news to you.


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