Friday, September 19, 2008


When I was a teenager working at Conejos County Gas and Oil I had a problem with warts under my fingernails. I believe the warts were exacerbated by the dirt and grease that would be impacted under the nail during the day.

I did a little reading about warts. Warts are more common in youth than in adults. Apparently adults formulate some sort of immunity to the Human Papilomavirus (HPV), the cause of warts. Warts are contagious. It is recommended that you not handle warts and do not go barefoot in shared showers or damp floors. If you have plantars warts don't share them with others; keep your feet covered.

I wanted so to get rid of my warts. Compound W was the most common method of dealing with the warts. I remember putting salicylic acid (Compound W) on the wart and it would turn a grayish white. I would then physically peal the dead tissue. Rinse and repeat etc.

Some warts just run their course and disappear. Some warts are more persistent. Plantars warts are contagious and are found on the sole of the foot. I have never had a plantars wart that I know. I have seen some in my household.

Warts are caused by a virus. It is possible to help prevent getting warts by not coming in contact with the HPV, but the virus can lie dormant for long periods. Wear clean socks and never share socks and shoes with someone else.

Genital warts is yet another type that is communicable. Chastity is the best course here. See a doctor if you need help here.


  1. Andrea had a really bad case of plantars warts when she was a teenager. They were treated with an acidic plaster.

    I get warts quite often lately. I've found that I can treat them with essential Oregano oil. I had it on one day when I went to physical therapy, and the therapist told me that I smelled like Italian food. The whole wart dropped of a day later.

  2. Genital Warts YUCK! Glad you are not an expert in that area!

    I had warts on my hands growning up and would never hold boys hands because I had warts. My Dad loved that I had Warts!

  3. I am glad that most of my warts are in the past. I have one on my left hand just below the crease on the front of my middle finger. I have to be careful when I am looking at it.

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  5. I had one plater wart that I obtained from the gym-shower floor! I went to my parent's doctor at the time, I do not recall his name. He was an older fellow that was kinda different to me and probably shouldn't have been practicing medicine.

    He transferred the planter wart to another area of my foot that had tough skin and he told me that he would just scrape that off while he was taking care of the planter!!

    I didn't see what he was doing as I was laying on my stomach on his table and trying not to feel the pain he was creating by digging out the platers wart. I didn't have warts in the second area before.

    I then had to have treatment on the spot that he touched with a foot specialist down the road from the first doctor. It was NASTY!!!

    I was pregnant with Matthew at the time and remember the first I felt Matthew move. I was sitting in the foot doctor's chair!! Lovely!

  6. I have never been to the foot doctor. I do not know if I have ever had a plantar wart. I do not like warts.


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