Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Day

I stayed home from church today. I have a runny nose and have been congested and coughing. Jeanette and Eric have also been sick of late.

Debra is gone to Temple to a fireside with the YSA. She rode with Mary Jackson and met them at the church house. Eric is in the kitchen mastering his skills with chopsticks eating Ramen Noodle Soup. He has grown lately. He says that he is now taller than all his sisters and his mother.

Eric is growing so quickly that he is predicting that his Tuxedo for choir will not fit him by the end of the year. He had to buy new shoes and a shirt yesterday so he could wear them today.


  1. I hope that you are feeling better today. It seems to me that families do get down times at the same time. Get Well. I love you Mom

  2. I'm just getting over a bug. Andi and her kids had the same bug when they came to visit. I went to the Dr. so he would help me feel better.

    He said, "Yep, you've got the same bug everyone seems to be getting these days." He wrote me a couple of prescriptions and sent me home to let nature take its course.

    Hope you didn't catch froom us!!

  3. Kent,

    I hope you are over your bug.


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