Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rapoport Academy

Through someone at work I was asked if I could talk to a group of middle school students about bridges. Beau Sallee, the teacher of the class, asked if I could come and talk about bridges. I told him that I had a rope bridge and that we could talk a little about bridges and walk across the rope bride. It was a fairly big undertaking for just a short period to use it.

I arrived at the school at about 7:30 AM. I asked Eric and Jeanette if they would help me with the project and they agreed. Debra came too.

We started by putting the frames together first. Eric lashed the X frames. Debra was the helper.

I was the supervisor.

I still know how to tie a clove hitch and wrap rope around a log.

Trees were used as the anchors. Here you can see the bridge taking shape.

Eric was up in the air tying the stay ropes between the hand ropes and the foot rope. It was shaky business.

After the bridge was assembled we went into the cafeteria and I lectured them about bridges. The responses were mixed. Some did not seem to be too excited about bridges. I just don't understand how it is that somebody could not be excited about bridges. Go figure!

We all went outside and traversed the bridge. Well not all traversed the bridge.

Some had to muster courage, but managed. There was cheering and dancing to coax the students as they crossed the bridge.

The most fun of the whole expedition was when this Doctor crossed the bridge.

I demonstrated the integrity of the bridge.

And then we took it apart and went home.


  1. Bridges are fascinating to me, but I am no engineer. I remember one year, we went to the Royal Gorge here in Colorado. The suspension bridge over the gorge was impressive to look at, but it was hard to trust when it would shake and groan as we shared the bridge with automobiles.

    I finally mustered up enough courage to look over the side when a gust of wind took my expensive cowboy hat. Imagine me in a cowboy hat!! I watched it fall until it dissappeared in the gorge.

  2. When I worked in scouting, we made a rope bridge. It was fun but a little unstable. The boys all liked it. That was quite a thing for you to do a demonstration that didn't last very long. Good work.

  3. I think this is the fourth time I have erected the bridge this year.


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