Thursday, July 17, 2008


Eric is the last of seven children. Eric is frequently telling us that seven is a magic number. I agree with him that he is our magic number.

Always (mostly) happy.

He loves his brothers and was in the midst of them doing whatever they were doing.

Craig convinced us to get Scruffy, but Eric was Scruffy's mate. They shared things frequently.

Neko was a less willing playmate with Eric.

Here he is with Grandma Gatha.

Before Eric's hair grew it looked like this.

After his hair began to grow his three older sisters practiced on it.

This giraffe is a curse if you do not know how to ride it. You get to rocking and wham! It will smack you in the face. Eric mastered sitting still on the giraffe.

My boy!

But he grew.

He frequently jumped for joy.

When we traveled we would call out numbers. I was number 1, Jeanette was 2, ...Eric was number 9.

Miranda taught Eric to say Pizza Hut and golf course.

Sometimes Eric was just one of the other kids.

...but he sure knew how to throw a ringer.

What do you think he did here?

On our trek one Pioneer Days, Eric rode on the cart and was well protected from the sun.

Eric was the ring bearer at Shandi's wedding. Everybody called him the cutest thing ever.

Here Eric is practicing up on his candy eating skills.

Baptism day.

This is looking from the back of the Cumbres/Toltec train.

This was when Arlo was in California on his mission.

Eric visited the Genealogical Library in SLC.

Fun at the cabin.

Feeding his brain.

...looking for a new brain?

As a WeBeLoS Eric earned his Arrow of Light.

Now an 11 year old Scout. The only one in his ward..

Ride that bull!

And can you have a spoon stick to your nose?

Eric does love to bowl.

Did I say Eric loves to bowl?

Eric has earned several merit badges. Here he and Justin are exchanging a badge. Eric only needs 2 required merit badges to earn his Eagle Rank.

Sometimes he even amazes me!

One of the times I have seen Eric the most excited is when he learned he was an uncle.

When we visited Saint George we went by the Tabernacle. Here Eric is in his best form preparing to talk from the pulpit where several prophets have spoken.

I made it!

Still looking for more brains.

Who is this kid?

The Wii is getting a workout by Eric.

Proof that he can solve a Rubick's Cube.

The most common stature we see Eric expose.

such excitement -- Eric is now taller than Debra!

And since he is such a big boy, and our only child at home (for the moment), he is our landscape master.

Seems like a fish story!

Eric is delivering some books as he executes his Eagle Project.

Look at the intensity on his face as he practices for soccer.

Once again, he made excellent marks.

We are waiting for the next badge.

Eric likes to play chess.

I don't know.

Joy at getting his own quad.

I don't know (again).

I don'tknow (again).

He looks good in blue.

But I prefer red.

Eric likes to open Christmas presents. (Don't we all?)

If you look at the lower right of the photograph you can see our Eric.

Eric also can exhibit a bit of fear.

This was the pre-Wii.

I don't know IV.

I have seen Eric in the position below many mornings. He gets up early and lies on the couch.

I love Eric.


  1. I am confounded in how nobody has commented on this profile of Eric. Was it just too much information? Was it boring? Was it perfect and therefore needs no comment?

  2. I guess I never commented on it because I don't remember seeing it. I love Eric too.


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