Friday, June 6, 2008

Craig's family

Craig, Brina, Bradly, and Luke were all home in the living room when we knocked at the door. Luke just had a little accident when we arrived. He waited until the diaper was off to do his business. There was a big rush to get things cleaned. The excitement was mostly over when we entered their apartment.

Luke is wonderful. He has a small face with a short chin. He looks much like his older brother did when he was small. I love him.

Look at the beaming on Jeanette's face as she holds Luke.

Grandma Gatha, Eric, and I were there with Jeanette.

I like Brad's cars.

And his car book.

Craig was preparing a photo cd for us.

Brad dropped his cars in the clothes hamper and figured how to extract them. I love him.

I love my mom too.


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